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White Magic

Name Location Cost Level Effect Classes
CURE Coneria 100g 1 Heals one ally, 16-32 HP
HARM Coneria 100g 1 Causes 20-80 damage to all undead
FOG Coneria 100g 1 Defense up 8, one ally
RUSE Coneria 100g 1 Evade up 80, spell caster only
LAMP Pravoka 400g 2 Cures Darkness status, one ally
MUTE Pravoka 400g 2 Stops enemy from casting spells
ALIT Pravoka 400g 2 50% damage from LIT attacks, all allies
INVS Pravoka 400g 2 Evades up 40, one ally
CUR2 ElfLand 1500g 3 Restores 33-66 HP, one ally
HRM2 ElfLand 1500g 3 Causes 40-160 damage to all undead
AFIR ElfLand 1500g 3 50% damage from FIRE attacks, all allies
HEAL ElfLand 1500g 3 Restores 12-24 HP, all allies
PURE ElfLand 4000g 4 Cures Poison status, one ally
FEAR ElfLand 4000g 4 Makes all enemies run away
AICE ElfLand 4000g 4 50% damage from ICE attacks, all allies
AMUT ElfLand 4000g 4 Cures MUTE status, one ally
CUR3 Melmond 8000g 5 Restores 66-132 HP, one ally
LIFE Melmond 8000g 5 Ressurects one dead ally, giving 1 HP
HRM3 Melmond 8000g 5 Causes 60-240 damage to all undead
HEL2 Melmond 8000g 5 Restores 24-48 HP, all allies
SOFT Crescent
20000g 6 Cures Petrification status, one ally
EXIT Crescent
20000g 6 Exits immediately from dungeon or town, all allies
(not while in battle)
FOG2 Crescent
20000g 6 Defense up 12, all allies
INV2 Crescent
20000g 6 Evade up 40, all allies
CUR4 Gaia 45000g 7 Restores one ally's total HP, one ally
HRM4 Gaia 45000g 7 Causes 80-320 damage, all undead
ARUB Onrac 45000g 7 Protects from RUB attacks, all allies
HEL3 Onrac 45000g 7 Restores 48-96 HP, all allies
FADE Gaia 60000g 8 It hurts alot. All enemies
WALL Gaia 60000g 8 Protects an ally against all enemy magic, one ally
XFER Gaia 60000g 8 Reduces enemy resistance, one enemy
LIF2 Lefein 60000g 8 Ressurects one dead ally, to full HP

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