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Name: Fighter / Knight
Armors: Any
Magic: None / White 1-3
Strengths: High Health, Best Equipment
Weaknesses: Low Magic, Expensive
Getting the right equipment can be expensive, but with it fighters are very hard to kill and do good damage without need for mana. That's a good thing, as they get no magic until upgrade and only low-level white magic afterwards. Having one or two at the front of your party makes the game much easier.

Name: Blackbelt / Master
Weapons:Nunchucks, Staves, Fists
Armors: Bracelets
Magic: None
Strengths: Cheap, Attack, Vitality
Weaknesses: No Magic, Low Defense
After level 7, blackbelts fight better with their fists than with a weapon, and as they gain skill they even surpass fighters in raw damage. They are also highly resistant to poison, paralysis, and other status ailments. However, they can't cast spells or wear heavy armor.

Name: Thief / Ninja
Weapons:Light Swords, Knives / Most Weapons
Armors: Light Armor, Bracelets / Most Armors
Magic: None / Black 1-4
Strengths: Cheap, Running / Combat, Black Magic
Weaknesses: No real strengths early on
Thieves are cheap to equip, good at dodging blows and running from fights. They're less effective in combat than fighters and have no spells, making them the weakest class in the early game. However, once they become ninjas, they have access to almost all weapons and armors, and useful black magic such as "fast", making them arguably the best class in the late game.

Name: Red Mage / Red Wizard
Weapons:Swords, Knives, Staves
Armors: Light Armor, Bracelets
Magic: Black and White 1-5 / Black and White 1-7
Strengths: Combat, Magic
Weaknesses: Very Expensive
Like fighters, red mages need expensive equipment to be effective. Not only that, but they also need expensive spells! However, they are good in combat and can cast most spells both offensive and defensive, so they are very powerful in the early game, and can still help round out a party nicely later on.

Name: White Mage / White Wizard
Weapons:Hammers, Staves
Armors: Bracelets
Magic: White 1-7 / White 1-8
Strengths: White Magic, Vitality
Weaknesses: Poor Equipment, Low Attack
As pure spellcasters, white mages are restricted to a small selection of weapons and armors. Their real strengths lie more in healing and defensive spells, as well as easily wiping out entire groups of undead.

Name: Black Mage / Black Wizard
Weapons:Knives, Staves
Armors: Bracelets
Magic: Black 1-7 / Black 1-8
Strengths: Black Magic
Weaknesses: Poor Equipment, Low Health
Like white mages, black mages are restricted to only a handful of weapons and armors. Due to their low health and lack of armor, black mages are the most vulnerable class but their wide variety of attack spells also make them the most powerful.

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