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Black Magic

Name Location Cost Level Effect Classes
FIRE Coneria 100g 1 Does 10-40 fire damage to one enemy
SLEP Coneria 100g 1 Stops all enemies from attacking for a few rounds
LOCK Coneria 100g 1 Reduces one enemy's evade by 20
LIT Coneria 100g 1 Causes 10-40 LIT damage, one enemy
ICE Pravoka 400g 2 Causes 20-80 ICE damage, one enemy
DARK Pravoka 400g 2 Causes Darkness status effect, all enemies
TMPR Pravoka 400g 2 Increases attack power 14, one ally
SLOW Pravoka 400g 2 Reduces all enemies' speed
(less damage per attack?)
FIR2 ElfLand 1500g 3 Causes 30-120 FIRE damage, all enemies
HOLD ElfLand 1500g 3 Stops one enemy from attacking
LIT2 ElfLand 1500g 3 Causes 30-120 LIT damage, all enemies
LOK2 ElfLand 1500g 3 Reduces all enemies' evade by 20
SLP2 ElfLand 4000g 4 Stops attacks for a few rounds, one enemy
FAST ElfLand 4000g 4 Lets fighters get in many more hits at a time
(increased damage), One ally
CONF ElfLand 4000g 4 Causes enemies to attack each other, all enemies
ICE2 ElfLand 4000g 4 Causes 40-160 ICE damage, all enemies
FIR3 Melmond 8000g 5 Causes 50-200 FIRE damage, all enemies
BANE Melmond 8000g 5 Kills enemies instantly, all enemies
WARP Melmond 8000g 5 Sends party to previous level in dungeons, all allies
SLO2 Melmond 8000g 5 Decreases one enemy's speed
(less damage per attack?)
LIT3 Crescent
20000g 6 Causes 60-240 LIT damage, all enemies
RUB Crescent
20000g 6 Erases one enemy
(instant death)
QAKE Crescent
20000g 6 All enemies fall down chasms (die instantly)
STUN Crescent
20000g 6 Paralyzes one enemy
ICE3 Gaia 45000g 7 Causes 70-280 ICE damage to all enemies
BRAK Gaia 45000g 7 Shatters enemies (killing them instantly)
SABR Onrac 45000g 7 Attack up 16, spell caster only
BLND Onrac 45000g 7 Causes Darkness status effect, one enemy
STOP Gaia 60000g 8 Stops attack from one enemy
ZAP! Gaia 60000g 8 Sends enemies to 4th dimension
(kills all enemies)
XXXX Gaia 60000g 8 Erases one enemy
NUKE Lefein 60000g 8 Massive non-elemental damage, all enemies

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